• What is the percentage deal?

    You only pay for the bandwidth you will use. You purchase bandwidth in either 20 or 240 GB chunks - paid in advance. Depending on your rental price, the cost of filmbinder service comes to about 14%. For example, for a 90-minute film rented at $4.99, PayPal takes about 9% to process the payment and filmbinder takes 14% for streaming leaving you a profit of 77%. You can set your own rental price and you can always upload smaller film file - so your profit could be even higher.

  • What kind of films do you accept?

    All films are welcome on filmbinder, except explicit adult content.

  • Do you require exclusivity?

    filmbinder is non-exclusive. You keep all your rights. You can use filmbinder to complement your current distribution, and you can look for other distribution opportunities in addition to filmbinder.

  • Can I geoblock territories?

    Yes. By default, your films will be available in all 240 territories worldwide. If you are constrained by exclusive deals in certain territories, you can block those territories from distribution. How do I block territories?

  • How do I get paid?

    All (100%) of your revenues generated from renting out your films go straight to your PayPal account. Each transaction will appear in your PayPal account within minutes. Sometimes certain credit cards (or foreign transactions) may require a few days to clear.

  • Can I seek financing?

    Even if you do not have a film yet, you can use your film website to get people excited about your project and start collecting donations. If no film is uploaded, your Rent Now button will be a Donation button.

    On your film website you can present your project in words, pictures, and video.

    In your description, you can offer incentives to people who invest in your film, for example:
    • Special Thanks on your film website.
    • DVD of the finished film.
    • CD of the sound track.
    • Postcards or posters of the artwork.
    • T-Shirts.
    • Autographs from the director and the stars.
    • On screen credit as Associate or Executive Producer.
    • Invitation to screenings.
    • Invitation to the set.
    • Invitation to the film's wrap party.

  • How much revenue can I expect?

    The revenue you can expect depends on how much traffic you get. On average, filmbinder films get one rental out of every 75 visits (conversion rate of 1.32%) - or in other words, $1 is generated every 29 visits. So if you want to increase your revenues, you need to boost your traffic.

    Some traffic will be provided by filmbinder, but there are many ways for you to increase the traffic to your film website as well. Please read How to distribute your film.

  • How can I monitor my traffic?

    Under MY ACCOUNT we track the number of visitors and revenues for each of your films.

    You can review each PayPal transaction directly in your PayPal account as well. Through PayPal, you will have access to all the emails of the people who watched your film.

    You can also add your own Google Analytics code to track your film website's performance independently. Google Analytics also provides additional information about your customers, such as demographics and geographic. How do I add Google Analytics?

  • How can I get more traffic?

    Please read How to distribute your film.

  • How much does it cost?

    Each film website subscription comes with:
    • Your own film store (an integrated pay per view solution where you get paid directly to your account).
    • 2 GB of storage, which is equivalent to 183 minutes of film material encoded to our recommended standards (please see How to encode your film).
    • Your own subdomain, such as yourfilm.filmbinder.com.
    • Geo-blocking - restrict in which countries your film can be rented.
    • Film page with trailer, logo, poster and description. Also includes a stills gallery, credit list, blog and festival logos.
    • Free viewing passes - email people free copies of your film.
    • Google Analytics integration.
    • Your film gets listed in our film catalog.

    For your convenience and flexibility, we allow for purchasing of our server cloud in small chunks:

    Hosting service:
    $14 per month, on a month-to-month basis.
    $12 per month, on a yearly basis.
    How to subscribe to the hosting service?

    Each film subscription comes with a bandwidth of 20 GB per month.

    If you need more capacity than the basic subscription you can purchase it in additional blocks. We recommend starting with the basic subscription and purchasing extra capacity when you see your traffic increase (or if you plan a major marketing campaign and want to prepare for a surge of traffic).

    Encoding service:
    $29 if you want us to encode and upload your film for you.
    How to order the encoding service?

    You can encode and upload your film for free. Please follow our tutorial on How to encode your film.

    Trailer service:
    $14.50 if you want us to cut one portion of your film to make a trailer, and to encode and upload it for you. If interested, please Contact us and let us know the start and end time of the part of your film that you want to use as a trailer.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    You can sign up for free and check everything out. You can upload your film, build your website and see how your film streams. If you like what you see, you can activate your website by subscribing to the hosting service. How do I subscribe to the hosting service?

  • Can you handle lots of traffic?

    Yes. For us it’s just a matter of adding more bandwidth. We can scale according to your needs. If you expect a huge sure of traffic, please Contact us, so we can plan accordingly.

  • Can you handle lots of films?

    Yes. For us it’s just a matter of adding more storage. We scale according to your needs. If you want to upload your entire film library, please Contact us, so we can plan accordingly.

    If you have many films, we offer discounts for encoding. Do you offer discounts?

    We can also help you with the bulk uploading of your film materials (posters, descriptions, credits, etc.).

  • Do you offer customized solutions?

    If you have any special needs, for example if you want your own custom page design, or your own film listing, or a dedicated sever in another country, in case you want to cater to a specific geographical region, or integrate other payment gateways, or add a new functionality, like a download-to-own option, or any other feature, please Contact us to discuss. We want to work with you.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    No, there are no hidden fees.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes, you can cancel anytime.

  • Is there a contract?

    Our general Terms of Service apply.

  • Do you post advertisement?

    We don't post any advertisement. We focus on quality. If your customers are willing to pay to rent your films, we don't want to bug them with ads.

  • How do you promote my films?

    We are not a distributor, but a service provider that enables you to offer video on demand to your audience.

    Some traffic will be provided by filmbinder, but there are many ways for you to increase the traffic to your film website as well. Please read How to distribute your film.

  • Why PayPal?

    PayPal is the easiest and the most popular way to pay on the web. Users who have a PayPal account can pay and start watching your film with just one login. It's faster and safer than with credit cards. Users who don’t have a PayPal account can still use credit cards, by checking out through PayPal.

    Please visit PayPal to create a free PayPal account.

  • How does PayPal work?

    With PayPal you can pay, receive and withdraw money.

    Pay with your credit card or PayPal account:
    Users who want to pay filmbinder for hosting or encoding service and users who want to pay filmmakers to rent a film can either use their credit card or their PayPal account.

    Receive money to your PayPal account:
    You need a PayPal account to receive rental money from users who watch your films. Money is deposited right away (some transactions can take a few extra days to clear) and stays in your PayPal account until you withdraw it.

    Withdraw money from your PayPal account:
    You can withdraw money from your PayPal account either to your bank account, or by requesting a check, or via PayPal debit card. If you want to receive the money directly to your bank account, you need to provide PayPal with your bank account details and use the link "Transfer Funds to Your Bank Account". If you want to receive a check, you need to use the link "Request a Check From PayPal". And when you want to withdraw via PayPal debit card, you need to apply for one. But you can also leave your money on your PayPal account to make online purchases in the future. PayPal will always use up the money on your PayPal account first, before they charge your credit card.

    Please visit PayPal to create a free PayPal account.

    We assume your PayPal email is the same as your login email. If your PayPal email differs from your login email, please make sure to provide us with the PayPal email that you want us to use under the FILM tab of your admin panel for each of your films.

  • How should I price my film?

    You set the rental price. You can select a price anywhere between $0 to $20. We recommend to use a rental price of $1-2 for a short film, and $2-5 for a feature film. How do I set the rental price?

    Please keep in mind that the lower the price the more viewers are likely to rent your film.

  • How long does a rental remain active?

    You set the rental period. You can select a rental period of 24 hours, 48 hours, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year. We recommend to use a rental period of 48 hours so that your customers can resume watching the film a day or two later. How do I set the rental period?

  • Can I issue free passes?

    Yes. You can email free passes to people of your choice, while renting out your film to the public at the same time. No need to burn DVDs, stand in line at the postal office, loose time on delivery, not knowing if the recipient will ever watch your film. By sending out free passes, you can give people instant access to your film and you will be able to track who actually watched your film and when. How do I send free passes?

  • How do you deal with piracy?

    We would say that we are as secure as any other platform or DVD. However, the reality is that if you can see the video, you can always screen grab it. Adding extra layers of security, certificates, plug-ins, etc. will not protect you and just makes usability a nightmare for regular users. We decided to focus on ease of use. We want your audience to rent out your film in the smallest number of clicks without having to install any additional software. All they need is just a web browser and a credit card.

    Consumer behavior has changed in the last decade, and although piracy still exists, more and more people choose not to pirate content, one because it is illegal, two they want to honor the work of the artist, and three, if you can rent it for just $2 or $3, you don’t want to waste your time looking for a pirated bit torrent of poor quality.

    If you want people to discover your film, you need to get out there and focus on building an audience that is interested in your film and accept some percentage of piracy as free marketing.

  • How do you deal with privacy?

    Please read our Privacy Policy.

  • How do you deal with copyright violations?

    Please read our Copyright Policy.