• G3

    35 minutes
    Adventure, Comedy, Special Interest, Sports, Action


  • Knight Knight

    83 minutes
    Adventure, Comedy
    • Currently 4.75/5 stars.
    4 votes

    Camelot is closed, King Arthur is dead and the Round Table is no more. Trainee knights GILBERT (a highly-strung hypochondriac) and EDGAR (an up-beat Christian) find themselves wandering the land in the company of a MYSTERIOUS KNIGHT in search of money, adventure and comfortable underwear.

  • Orson's Last Dance

    60 minutes
    Comedy, Drama, Inspirational, Special Interest
    • Currently 4.9/5 stars.
    10 votes

    This is the story about a PERSON with Down Syndrome, "Orson," who wants to make a movie and take it to, Sundance!

  • Come On You Chickens

    40 minutes
    Comedy, Documentary

    This football comedy mock-doc follows caretaker manager Dougie Christmas as he attempts to guide his beloved Newhaven Port FC into the next round of this season's FA Cup. "If you loved The Office and love football - you'll love Come On You Chickens!"

  • "DIRTY MAGAZINES" The Movie! (DVD, Rated R)

    60 minutes
    Comedy, Special Interest

    In the '80s, a mother/son relationship takes a wild left turn after she finds gay porn under his bed the morning of his 16th birthday! What has been described as John Waters meets John Hughes, "Dirty Magazines" is a hilarious and heartfelt look at the insanity we must go through sometimes to get a little acceptance from those who love us the most.

  • A Series of Strange Occurrences

    8 minutes
    Comedy, Short

    A 2011 Ithaca College Thesis film by Christopher Manza, this is a dark comedy about gossip and truth. Silent Ed has always been the gossip of the town, but when he is spotted with the beautiful Katie, his infamous reputation for being a creep is inflamed to the point of an investigation.

  • Vodka and women

    18 minutes
    Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Short
    • Currently 4.9/5 stars.
    10 votes

    Stefan, a depressed accountant, suspects his girlfriend may be cheating on him. He decides to follow his father’s advice and visit his new neighbor - a retired prostitute. However, things will take a surprising turn and Stefan's life will change... or maybe not so much.

  • Raising Flagg

    102 minutes

    Raising Flagg is a zany dramatic comedy about a smalltown handyman, Flagg Purdy (Alan Arkin). Lovable but stubborn to the core, Flagg is easily overwhelmed by life's little annoyances. Only Ada, his wife, is able to look past his crusty personality to the tender and vulnerable side of the father of their six children. Unfortunately, few of their eclectic clan share her feelings. When Flagg and his neighbor, Gus Falk (Austin Pendleton), get into the latest of their frequent arguments, ...

  • The Last Hurrah

    88 minutes

    THE LAST HURRAH is a comedy filmed in a single continuous shot. Set at a graduation party in Los Angeles, an eclectic group of brainy philosophy students, train-hopping hippies, aspiring prophets and drug-addled hipsters come together for one wild night. At the eye of the storm are three best friends, all with the same problem -- women. Jason can't get enough of them, Steve can't let go of the one he's got and Will can't understand them at all. The brainy grad students wi...

  • Kissing Cousins

    98 minutes

    AMIR, 29, is a heartbreaker. Literally. As a “relationship termination specialist,” providing “dumping services” for disgruntled daters, Amir spends his days delivering bad news to unsuspecting lovers across Los Angeles and retrieving his clients’ belongings (underwear, CDs, photos, etc). Though Amir claims he is “just the messenger,” the job has made him hard-hearted and, as a result, he is the last bachelor in his group of friends. This becomes crystal clear on his 30th birthd...

  • Alter Ego

    20 minutes
    Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Short
    • Currently 4.75/5 stars.
    4 votes

    In a park of Paris, Esther and Nadir come accross each other, having apparently very little in common. Apparently...

  • Kad āboli ripo / When Apples Roll

    7 minutes
    Animation, Comedy, For Kids, Short

    Pilsētas nomalē ābeļdārza vidū stāv senlaicīgs koka skapis, kuru par savu mājvietu izvēlējies Kaķis. Rudeņos viņš vāc ābolus konservēšanai, tumšos vakaros laiku kavē ar adīšanu. Mājīgajā skapī iemitinājies arī Kaķa draugs Pelēns. Šajā rudenī viņu rimto dzīvi pārtrauc pēkšņi dārzā ieripojusi ola. ...

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