• Portrait Of An Urban American Gangster! The Baby Sam Story!

    48 minutes
    Biography, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Suspense, Action

    Baby sam is the dude mario van pebbles did a two hour drama on t.v.after his trial was over in 1990 called badge of honor he didn't stop there he went on to help create the movie new jack city aswell i could go on for days telling you stories about baby sam!


    86 minutes
    Documentary, Drama, Foreign, Inspirational, Sports, Suspense
    • Currently 5.0/5 stars.
    1 vote

  • Cherkess

    116 minutes
    Drama, Suspense

    The encounter of two different cultures, the Bedouin and the Circassian during the Ottoman period in 1900 and what conflicts arose between the two cultures and how they were resolved.

  • 15 Keys

    80 minutes
    Crime, Drama, Suspense, Thriller
    • Currently 5.0/5 stars.
    1 vote

    Myles Graceland, an expert assassin for a large crime ring, decides he wants to make some changes to his life. Watching the growth of his beloved family, Myles decides to turn his back from his life of crime, and try to turn his destructive lifestyle into something positive. Unfortunately for Myles, quitting such an organization proves to be rather difficult, when Myles' entire life is thrown wayward because of a hit that is placed on himself and his family. Myles, who was left for dead b...

  • Shady Lane

    65 minutes
    Drama, Suspense, Thriller
    • Currently 5.0/5 stars.
    1 vote

    A crime committed, a woman wrongfully imprisoned, and a son seeks revenge. SHADY LANE, an emotionally disturbing urban drama packed with raw vengeful action. Set in modern day urban America, spanning a ten-year period of struggle, greed, revenge and triumph. When Janice and her children hear screams and gunshots, peeking out to assess the situation makes the family witnesses to a crime that would change their lives forever.

  • Skinning the Cat

    81 minutes
    Crime, Drama, Horror, Suspense, Thriller
    • Currently 4.25/5 stars.
    4 votes

    A pre-dawn kidnapping brings two men together. Questions are asked. Lies, truths and confessions are exchanged. Past and present converge, and the future—which is everything—hangs in the balance. Skinning The Cat is a dramatic thriller that takes viewers inside the meeting of Ned and Bruce. The film offers no answers, only possibilities.

  • Confession

    75 minutes
    Drama, Suspense, Thriller
    • Currently 4.66667/5 stars.
    3 votes

    On the 25th anniversary of his sister's death, Mitch (Maurice Benard - Sonny Corinthos on "General Hospital") only wants one thing - a confession from the killer. Twenty five years ago, Mitch's sister, Dorothy (Chelsea Rose) was raped and murdered by an unknown assailant. Dr. Steven Doyle (Brennan Elliott - "Flight 93"), her date that night, was tried but acquitted for the crime. Mitch's parents (Cindy Pickett - "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", and ...

  • Interpretation

    8 minutes
    Drama, Suspense, Action
    • Currently 5.0/5 stars.
    1 vote

    Winner of 24 Film Festivals - Official Selection of 76 Film Festivals. A romantic couple's brief encounter with a few philosophical thugs unfolds in an unusual way. After this night, no one will be the same. Everyone will learn something new. More info about the film: www.InterpretationMovie.com

  • Kavi

    19 minutes
    Drama, Foreign, Suspense, Short
    • Currently 4.69565/5 stars.
    23 votes

    Winner of the 2009 Student Academy Award and 2010 Academy Award Nominee in Live Action Short, Kavi is the story of a boy in India who wants to play cricket and go to school, but instead he is forced to work in a brick kiln as a modern-day slave. Unsatisfied with his fate, Kavi must either accept what he's always been told, or fight for a different life even if he's unsure of the ultimate outcome.

  • Humbug

    25 minutes
    Suspense, Thriller, Short
    • Currently 4.4/5 stars.
    15 votes

    Nobody wants real science - unless it's got a good story.

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